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Gavin Wintersgill

Senior Social Work Recruitment Specialist

Social Work, North West/North of England

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Tel: 01282 447729

About Gavin

Inside work

Having been here nearly six years, I was the only bloke in the office for quite a while and feel like a big brother to all of my ‘Ashberry Sisters’. This means I get asked lots of car related questions within the office and as an ex-driving instructor I’m happy to help! I like to think that the team, much like my social work candidates and clients  alike all know that they can rely on me for anything that they may need, even if off topic!

I’m the senior social work specialist here at Ashberry Recruitment and, having been in post for six years, really understand the market, the pressures within social work and the need to get recruitment right for both my candidates and clients alike.

Nothing is too much trouble so to stay true to my car related analogies; I look to keep all my social work candidates and client on the right road!!

Outside work

I’m a proud dad to my beautiful daughter Harper. I love to spend time with her and watch her grow and develop.

I love Formula One, Rallying, Moto GP, boxing, biking and road trips so cannot wait for Harper to be old enough to join me on these little adventures! Hopefully one day she’ll appreciate the joys of pitching up in a cold, remote forest somewhere and waiting hours on end for a rally car to pass at 100mph!

Along with Harper, I like to spend time with Rach, my partner of nearly 10 years and try to enjoy the usual family events such as going out and eating out (sadly my clubbing days and lads holidays are long gone!).