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Jo Holt

Shift co-ordinator

About Jo

Inside work

My role as a Shift Coordinator, is to be part of the new on call team, filling the emergency shifts and helping the consultants with any admin.

Each day is different at Ashberry and I’m really enjoying the role. I am excited to see where this role will take me within Ashberry.

Outside work

Well where do I start? I have two very playful and lovable ferrets, Bran and Bear, who keep me on my toes. They love going for walks and learning new tricks and like to come camping with me.

I have a Land Rover Defender called Little Bu, which has taken me across Europe and through Moroccan Desert. I like to do a little bit of off roading, pushing myself and Little Bu’s limits.

When I’m at home I enjoy gardening, making soap and lip balm, running and generally do a bit of crafted stuff.