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Are you missing out on young talent?

by Ashberry Recruitment


A lot of jobs require, at minimum, degree level qualifications, but does this tick box exercise mean employers are missing out on candidates armed with talent?

We think they are, and, as college students across the country cautiously open A-Level and NVQ grades, perhaps now is the time to consider the wealth of young talent available to your business.

There are a huge number of roles which can be learned on the job, and, over time, that experience can translate into the equivalent of an earned university degree.

On-the-job training is where learning truly comes to life; the young employee is quickly expected to demonstrate accountability, respect for authority, discipline and teamwork.

These are all great qualities to boast and will prove a major benefit to your business in the long run.

Having the opportunity to mould a young person in line with your company’s ethos, rather than training them to adjust to/or completely discard pre-conceived habits and notions is very powerful.

Employers are able to continue to foster their own culture and develop their employees the way that works well for them and to quickly build the skills the company needs.

Free from the shackles of a mortgage and other adult responsibilities, the 18+ employee is less averse to risk and hungrier to go for things which a more mature employee might hesitate on.

This can bring a lot of value and reward to your company.

Add to this that they are a generation eager to adopt the newest gadget and technologies they become an even more valuable member of the team. These natural abilities are priceless for employers in today’s quickly evolving world.

So, what are you waiting for? There is a wealth of talent ready to decide on their next move right now; and we’re here to help you get these young superstars of the future on board!

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