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Enjoying my new working life

20th February 2018 by Amanda

I recently made a decision to leave the security of a full-time salaried job in favour of working for an agency and hopefully having the flexibility to enjoy an improved work-life balance.

From making initial contact with Holly and enquiring about working with Ashberry to getting started with placements the whole experience has without doubt been excellent.

My worries about getting enough work and the types of placement have been handled by Holly in a professional, friendly and reassuring way so that very quickly I have started to enjoy my new working life.

Holly is always contactable and even on occasion when she is taking time-out I have been given an alternative contact to use. In essence, I feel that there is always someone working for me and alongside me.

I strongly recommend Ashberry (and Holly) as they clearly excel at matching clients with their agency staff like me.

Very quickly I have started to enjoy my new working life.

Amanda - Residential Child Care Worker