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Why I became an agency social worker

by Ashberry Recruitment

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Yashin Hajat found himself at a career crossroad when redundancies were announced within his social work team.

He was an Operational Manager of a Youth Offending Service at the time, but had spent the past two decades working within children’s service social work. It was a stressful position in which a lot of his time was swallowed up carrying out administrative tasks, appraisals and complaints and not the actual job in hand of Social Work.

The options on the table were to go for promotion, another similar role or maybe accept a demotion. Yashin decided it was time for him to really take stock and re-evaluate his future, so he accepted redundancy instead.

He said: “It was a really big decision to make; what if I didn’t get a new job?”

Yashin got in touch with a Manchester agency who claimed to be specialists in the social work field. They promised the earth, yet delivered…very little.

He said: “I was naïve to the agency process at this stage so thought that maybe this was regular practice, but then I was introduced to Ashberry Recruitment and it was then that I really understood just what an agency could do for me.

Yashin met with Gavin Wintersgill, who immediately knew of a number of positions open to him right there and then within Lancashire County Council.

Gavin said: “There is always a need for good quality and experienced social workers and as we work closely with all councils across Lancashire and beyond, I knew just which ones to introduce Yashin to”.

Yashin was quickly in placement, working within a frontline team of the safeguarding child protection team for Lancashire County Council.

When another position then opened up at Lancashire County Council within their Burnley based team some 18 months ago, Gavin coordinated the move and Yashin took the role,  remaining there until this day.

Gavin said: “It is understandable that people have concerns about taking on temporary roles having been perm so long, especially when they have mortgages and bills to pay, but Yashin is a great example of how it can work to your advantage”.

“Yashin receives a great wage as an QSW and now works very much a 9-to-5 job without the additional stresses and paperwork that his other roles brought”.

“The beauty of agency work is choice. Yashin has been offered various full-time positions while on our books, but he prefers the flexibility of working on a contractual basis with us.“

“It gives him the ideal work/life balance he previously felt he was missing out on and much more time to spend with his family and friends.”

Yashin said: “If I don’t like a position I can just give a week’s notice and go for another role – it’s so flexible.

“Saying that, I have in my current position for 18 months now, so I must be doing something right and I must be pretty happy in my role!

“Every agency seems to say they specialise in an area but Ashberry absolutely do! Gavin has given me a wealth of opportunities to explore and he knew all the right contacts in my sector.”

“I have been doing agency work for Ashberry Recruitment for almost four years now and they have really looked after me and my interests, I trust them implicitly. I fill in my timesheet and get paid every week and should there be any issues, they are dealt with straightaway.”

“Would I recommend agency work and Ashberry Recruitment to others? Absolutely, 100%, YES.”

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